DAN COUTO is a self-taught photographer who came from the world of film. He found himself on the forefront of the digital imaging paradigm shift and discovered that everything he had learned on real world photoshoots applied to 3D as well. Virtual lights, cameras and sets were all identical to their real world counterparts but with some very powerful capabilities unique to Computer Generated Imaging. By using his CGI skills combined with his lighting experience as a photographer, he is able to create photorealistic product images that are sleek, cool and compulsively viewable. Dan has been in the business for over 25 years and has worked with clients in New York, L.A., Spain, Hong Kong, India, the U.K. and Germany. He offers cutting-edge innovation coupled with tried and proven professionalism to provide clients with tailor-made imaging (still and moving) that addresses not only their concerns but also factors in the demands imposed by a world in a constant state of visual craving.